Careful planningPlanning ahead has definite rewards. When do you need a website? How do you get started if your book hasn’t been published yet? What plugins will you need or want?

In this podcast with Judith Briles on the Your Guide to BOOK PUBLISHING and I discuss the options and features that you need to know that will engage your readers and promote your site effectively.

SEO, social media marketing, functionality … You aren’t just throwing a “BUY NOW” link, an image of your book and your logo into cyberspace and hoping for the best … or are you? Believe it or not, this is the approach that many an author takes when creating a website that they were told they had to have. (Being told you have to have one is no motivation – you need to know why) Judith and I cover a lot of ground in this conversation and give you ideas on how to get this all done while making your life easier too.

Listen in …

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