From time to time I’ll run across an article that is well written and gives good information, but when a blog is written that is presented in a workable format, I get especially happy.

Rosetta Thurman blog

Whether you are an author, a speaker, a non-profit worker or entrepreneur, you have a specific target market and specialize in what you do. Your clients, associates and visitors will want your information in a fast and easy format that is clear and concise.

Not only blogger Rosetta Thurman present excellent information in her blog about what to include in blogs, pay attention to how she presents it. Short, to the point, with examples.  Nice.

Here’s an excerpt from her blog – I encourage you to read the whole thing!

By far, one of the biggest challenges that all bloggers encounter is coming up with interesting, useful things to blog about on a regular basis. So this post is just to offer some blogging inspiration that will hopefully get you unstuck and beat the dreaded blogger’s block. The 25 blog post ideas I list below will help you blog not just with creativity, but with a purpose  – to build your personal brand, grow your business and rock your career. You want people to read your posts, but you also want them to start thinking of you as an expert in your field.

Feel free to “steal” or tweak any of these blogging prompts to help you write your own posts! That’s what they’re here for …


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