Capturing conversations as they occur …


Having the right tools to communicate with my clients is really important. I find that keeping a record of conversations, being able to see each other in conversation face-to-face without fighting rush-hour traffic, is invaluable!

You’ll find me logged in to Skype as IllustratingYou most every day. If you have a job where you are working full time during the day, but you still need to address your book business during those hours, Skype is perfect to log in quickly and speak to me so that we can tweak your website, look at book illustrations or ask questions.

As Skype has become such a vital tool for communication, I started looking for additional ways to utilize the free version more. Choosing not to use Skype at this time as a telephone resource, I lean towards text and verbal communication most.

Some of the conversations I’ve had have been entertaining, enlightening and downright insightful and not having them in text form to look back on was frustrating … until now.  Discovering a tool through a Google search that has been around awhile, I happily downloaded the software for free and have had a blast checking out the features.

Reasonably priced and extremely easy to use, I can now record video conversations and refer back to them as needed.  For those who are in a consultation or coaching business, you’ll find this little program worth it’s weight in gold for both legal and future reference reasons.

Check it out … it’s called Pamela … Love it!

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