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USE YOUR IMAGINATION! – A customized header image for each season adds freshness to her site. WordPress sites make it easy to maintain access and control of your updates if you wish to do them yourself. Or … you can simply hire me on a monthly retainer to take care of updates, edits, and additions. (Some edits and additions, when more extensive, are at an additional, but reduced cost)


Strategies for Healing Hearts Life Vessel Denver Strategies for Healing
We Care Home Cleaning Nancy Sullivan, Author Ward Lucas, Author
Neighbors at War Pat Morgan, Author Marilyn Vanderbur
Living Stones Center Zemirah Mary Jo Fay
Sarah's Tent Discover Intimacy Workshops Courtney Miller, Author
Charles Fischer, Author Mary Jo Fay, Author Wheels Press Books
Debbie Wilde, Author Last Straw Farms Adamson Consulting
Helen Naylor, Author Rabbi Schultz, Author The Learning Pals
Robert Davis, Computer Repair Robert Davis, Author Vivian Reeves, Author
Shannon Parish, Creative Life Coach Denver Editor Creative Virtual Office
Shannon Parish, Creative Life Coach Shannon Parish, Graphic Recording