It took me awhile, but now I GET it!


Now I get it!

When the Internet ‘thang’ first started, I stumbled upon learning how to build a community online. That community “Sarah’s Tent” because the first interactive social community on the Internet for pastors wives and women in ministry.

Not knowing that I was way ahead of the game, I did what was natural to me and shared the resources and abilities I had naturally in solving the problems I was experiencing personally, and what I heard from others…..

TIME magazine article that included Sarah's TentThat was back in 1997. Then in 2007 TIME Magazine did an article on pastor’s wives, quoted me and included Sarah’s Tent in their article.

The only thing that was missing was that I didn’t have a clue on how to make a living with this amazing resource. As letters of thanks and testimonies poured in … I read them, blushed and DELETED THEM!  Wow! The lessons I’ve learned since then! (Honor yourself by receiving from others as a response to what you have given them.)

Anyway – I saw something in those days that I have been on-the-look-out-for, ever since then. And that was for technology to catch up to what I had seen could be done with this new, world-wide market. Not only for my non-profit,  but as a massive and powerful resource to help my clients in building their businesses while improving branding, product lines and delivery as well as maximizing profit.

Now, let me clarify ...Now, I know that I’ve just included a few links in this post – these links are for reference … and were not intended to distract you or confuse you. You have to know where I’ve come from when it comes to knowing the vision of what I’m about to show you next.

A couple of days ago, a man by the name of Jason Armbruster posted a video on a Facebook group wall that caught my attention.  I watched the video and then chased him down … I had found what I’d been looking for since Sarah’s Tent first began … all the tools I saw necessary to communicate to a world wide audience AND a way to create income while meeting the serious needs of my very forward thinking clients.

You have to see this ….


There are so many product ideas that have been swimming in my head for the past twenty years, with no way to apply them … until now. It’s not just about making an amazing income from sharing these cutting edge tools with your friends and business associates … it’s about being more effective in your business and branding.

If you want to see how this could work for you – call me. I’m bursting at the seams with resources and this is the piece that pulls it all together.  (My cell is 720-295-7409)

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