Anchored Life MinistriesAnchored Life is a warm community of loving people who come together to worship and share life every Sunday. Multi-tasking and leading an active congregation is nothing new for Pastor Shirley Christmon and her faithful leadership.

The challenge has been the need to create an Internet presence while juggling growth as a young congregational church family. WordPress is a perfect solution for a growing church. Themes can be changed in a few minutes and the features are so flexible that growth can be managed easily and comfortably as programs solidify and the message and personality of the church evolve.

Working with Shirley is a joy, not just because she is a trusted friend, but because she thinks outside the box in all that she does and she’s so intuitively creative in how she does it. Understanding my client’s needs is important to me. Looking at a hundred photos and discussing the basic concept that she wanted to portray for her logo, we pursued traditional methods to come up with a design. (yes, I can design logos too)

It occurred to me that her strength of being so intuitive could come into play in designing her logo too. So we did something unusual in our approach. I asked her “off the wall questions” where she could describe to me her heart towards her congregational members and the vision of the church.

Anchored Life logoWe came up with a logo that can be broken apart into individual pieces for each leg of her ministry. From there we were able to start thinking of what colors would determine her theme for now. For now, because we both know that this is one site that is going to continue to grow as Anchored Life’s needs change. One day at a time … all made possible with WordPress. Brilliant!

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