Early birdThere is a wonderful solution which I’ve just discovered, which can instantly make your site into one that will generate passive income for you.

The name of the service is Viglink and they utilize the keywords that you have in your site to present offers and product suggestions to your readers that compliment the focus of your site. When a visitor clicks on a link and makes a purchase, you will receive a commission.

The beauty of that is that you don’t have to chase after, and find, special affiliate programs and then wade through all of their individual requirements for selling through your site.

Once you get your feet wet with this simple solution, you can move up to other programs to help bring in additional passive income.

If you are worried about your site becoming cluttered with ads and not having control over what your visitors see, you’ll be happy to know that VigLink will only follow your directions regarding what type of content you want shown on your site.

Something to remember is that when you write about a product or service that you use, or a creative tool, a media or electronic tool that you use in your business, you’ll actually be doing your reader a favor by proving them an immediate link where they can purchase what you are writing about. (For specific products, sign up for their affiliate program to ensure that the product you want to be shown will be shown.)

Expand your thinking beyond an online brochure for your business. Your website has the potential to be a workhorse for you and can earn you money … even while you sleep.

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