Most bloggers and website owners have the same goal for their blogs and websites to increase their website traffic. Nowadays, the internet is really full of various kinds of content. Bloggers and website owners must ensure that they can standout among other websites and blogs so that they can get stable traffic on their website. Now here are some ways to increase your website traffic.


Headlines or article titles are important elements in a content. Headlines able to attract the attention of people to read your website content, especially if you share your content on social media. Make sure the headlines that are used attract attention and clearly illustrate the contents of the content.

Long-tail keywords

One way to increase your traffic is by making sure you focus on choosing long-tail keywords. Make sure the keywords you use are relevant and related to the topic of each of your posts.

Quality contentAs mentioned before, the right and quality content is important in increasing website traffic. It should be noted that good content is content that is informative so it needs to do in-depth research. This is to ensure that the content is detailed, interesting and unique. You can also use multimedia such as images, videos and infographics to create interesting content

On page SEO

Don’t forget to apply On Page SEO techniques. On Page SEO does not require a lot of time to be applied and is still one of the most important things to increase your website traffic.

Blogging Community

You can also join the blogger community like ProBlogger or Copyblogger. This is one way to get in touch with other bloggers and promote each other’s blogs.

Internal Linking

Internal linking is a link from one page to another page on the same website. It should be noted that for internal linking, only use post links from your website whose contents are still related to the article you are about to upload. Internal linking can help Google to explore the pages of your website


Guest-blogging is one way to increase website traffic. What is meant by guest-blogging is writing content for websites or blogs that are already well-known. This can help increase blog or website traffic as well as build your brand.

Link Building

Link Building is an activity where you try to increase the number of backlinks to your website. If your website receives backlinks from other websites, search engines will see your website as a trusted website in their field