Free Google Mobile Test Tool

Mobile-test your website! More and more people are accessing your website over their phone, iPad, tablet or other mobile device, than a computer.

It’s vital that your website be mobile friendly! Google Developers have provided a free tool that you can use to check out your site.


Go to the link provided above and once there, enter your full website URL beginning with the http:// code. (This makes your link active.)  Give the tool a few moments to check out your site and to look for any issues that might arise.

Understand that sometimes Internet congestion, a slow connection or problems on a computer might trigger some errors regarding slowness or images not loading properly. If this happens, then you might want to wait awhile and then try again. 

If your site continues to load slowly, then speak with your webmaster regarding checking these errors. Send them the Google Mobile-Test tool in case they’ve not heard about it. That will give them the feedback they need to see why they are investigating errors that don’t appear to be occurring when they themselves check the site.

Once you’ve seen whether or not your site has passed, scroll a little bit further down to see what Google sees when looking at your website.

If you aren’t particularly thrilled with the results, you may want to do some editing of the copy on your pages, add an image, or change a graphic. Or, as is with the case with many issues, you may just need to redo your website to make it user and mobile friendly.

Contact me if you need help with any of this, or if you want to have your site redesigned. To keep your costs down, we can use one of many free templates that can be used which are mobile-friendly or more powerful ones that will cost a small fee. You can expect anywhere from $39 – $59 for a paid template with more features.

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