Not the same thing as your main website, a book launch site isn’t a WordPress or blog site either. It is a series of pages that work together a in tandem during a short period of time in order to promote a newly published book.

A book launch is when a new book is pushed during a 1-3 day event on Amazon and/or Barnes & Noble to push the sales up making that book one of the best sellers on one or both of those sites.

When planning a Book Launch site you’ll want to pull together the following elements in order to make this work:

The Landing Page
This is your main home page where your readers will land to hear about your book and bonus gifts – and to purchase.

The 6 Key Elements are …

1. Header = Author and book cover suggested
2. Sales Pitch = Video and text / Why do “I” want your book?
3. Bonus = Optional – but a lot of fun. Pick 1 winner from buyers.
4. Gift Temptation = Tease them with a link to the gifts to preview
5. Call to Action = Tell them what they need to do to buy
6. Testimonials = Collect them ahead of time, get photos/logos, etc.

Gift Viewing Page
These are gifts that other professionals have agreed to contribute to your book launch to tempt people to buy your book. The win/win with this is that these people get massive marketing exposure as everyone sends out your email to their mailing lists at the same time – driving traffic to purchase your book AND to collect their gift (potential new customers for your Gift givers)  These include …

1. Graphic = Even digital books can have a graphic “cover”
2. Description =
3. Value

Form Page
Collect your customers names, emails for future marketing opportunities. Since Amazon and Barnes & Noble are getting their information, this is how you keep track of those who buy and return to your site to redeem their gifts. Keep it SIMPLE …

1. Name
2. Email
3. Books bought
4. Payment I.D.#

Gift Pick-up Page
This is where they download their gifts. Keep it SIMPLE …

1. Instructions
2. Description
3. Link

Besides doing all of above, pay attention to gathering your testimonials and your Gift Giving team.  Without these, your book launch … won’t happen.

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