Who is IllustratingYou?
Meet Shannon Parish

Cartoonist, Graphic Recorder, Visual Coach and WebSite Angel


Currently serving Author U (niversity) as Webmaster and Administrator, as well as supporting an amazing assortment of Authors, Speakers and Entrepreneurs. Shannon provides a unique range of Creative Services to illustrate you, your expertise, your business, and your potential.

For the past eleven years I’ve had the pleasure of working with authors, speakers and entrepreneurs. People who think out of the box and have amazing stories to tell, products to sell and profits to make.

As is common with these change makers, there are many needs to launching their books, products and small business.  Beginning with providing Creative Virtual Office support in 1997 when virtual assistants were first appearing on the scene, I have had the pleasure of riding the creative wave of Cyber Space.

While providing office support for speakers and authors, I had an opportunity to utilize my artistic skills to illustrate my first book.  Shortly thereafter, word began to spread and my services expanded to providing cartoons and illustrations in addition to my administrative services.

One thing led to another and since I had developed my own websites, I added website development for those just starting out in their business.  Soon I was providing administrative services, cartoons, and webdesign from 2001-2007 for the Colorado Independent Publisher’s Association here in Denver, CO.

During 2004 I expanded my business by becoming a life time member of CEO Space. The largest entrepreneurial community in the nation, if not the world. My business, networking and education in regards to branding, product development and Internet marketing continued to expand. As a “Creative” I had found my species …

One of my websites was mentioned in TIME magazine in 2007!  I had developed a community website for women who served in the nonprofit arena.  A huge success, I learned a great deal about community dynamics – an early view of “cloud-sourcing” technology which is now being collected electronically.

In 2010 I had the pleasure of introducing a couple of other new services to the author community by creating a Book Launch site for Dr. Judith Briles, Founder of Author U (niversity).  In a few short days she successfully launched her new book “Show Me About Book Publishing” and sold well over 500 books in just three days and ranked high on Amazon.com’s best seller list.

I also had the pleasure of providing graphic recording services for the Author U Extravaganza in May live during all of the sessions provided by the top speakers in the publishing industry.  In addition to providing administrative services for Author U, I also maintain the website and design The Resource Book Publishing ezine for Author U.

Now, by popular request, I’m expanding my services yet again to assist those who do not have a WordPress website to represent their small business, or book launch site.

Members of CEOSpace and Author U receive discounts for my services. Nonprofits also receive discounts Why? Because it’s a pleasure to support winning people who are smart enough to be supported in their businesses by the best in the industry.

For this Creative – it’s extremely fulfilling to have the pleasure of pulling together my years of information, resources and skills as an artist to assist you in not only providing you with creative services, but to do so with the “big picture” in mind … the success of your business!

Call me to schedule an appointment to discuss your creative needs!
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