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A Legacy to Remember …

Miss America by DayOne of the most important websites I’ve had the pleasure to create for an author is the one that Marilyn VanDerbur requested me to build for her. As WordPress moved rapidly onto the scene, Marilyn made an important decision to be on the cutting edge in transitioning an old, outdated site into a new WordPress site that would allow many opportunities for growth while giving an important message in a clean, easy to read format.


Ship Ahoy! Now What?

Anchored Life MinistriesAnchored Life is a warm community of loving people who come together to worship and share life every Sunday. Multi-tasking and leading an active congregation is nothing new for Pastor Shirley Christmon and her faithful leadership.

The challenge has been the need to create an Internet presence while juggling growth as a young congregational church family. WordPress is a perfect solution for a growing church. Themes can be changed in a few minutes and the features are so flexible that growth can be managed easily and comfortably as programs solidify and the message and personality of the church evolve.


Graphic Recording for Craig Duswalt, Rock Star Marketing Guru at Author U

IllustratingYou.com Author U’s Extravaganza had just ended and eight live posters had just been completed over a period of two