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WildeWisdom for Nonprofits!

Debbie Wilde

Creating The
Sustainable Nonprofit –
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At the Author U Extravaganza in 2012, I was approached by a bubbly, animated woman with a glowing smile. Her book, “Sustainable Nonprofits; 10 Strategies to Grow a Successful and Exceptional Organization” was nearing its final editing. Book Shepherd (and Founder of Author U) Judith Briles, had instructed her to build her website in advance of the publishing of her book to take advantage of pre-sales to help pay for the printing.


Ship Ahoy! Now What?

Anchored Life MinistriesAnchored Life is a warm community of loving people who come together to worship and share life every Sunday. Multi-tasking and leading an active congregation is nothing new for Pastor Shirley Christmon and her faithful leadership.

The challenge has been the need to create an Internet presence while juggling growth as a young congregational church family. WordPress is a perfect solution for a growing church. Themes can be changed in a few minutes and the features are so flexible that growth can be managed easily and comfortably as programs solidify and the message and personality of the church evolve.


FREE Themes for WordPress

When you are first starting out with WordPress its easy to get something that is beautiful as well as functional for your web site appearance.  So many talented people create themes on a daily basis and still others will try them and then report back to the developers, any bugs that useage of the theme may reveal.

The synergy of many people creating and utilizing themes through WordPress makes the possibilities endless. Whether you are writing a personal blog, selling books or opening an online store, WordPress is for you.  Even big corporate companies are implementing blogging as a viable means to communicate and build relationship with their customers – and WordPress is there to make that happen.