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You Have Your Website … Now What?

Careful planningPlanning ahead has definite rewards. When do you need a website? How do you get started if your book hasn’t been published yet? What plugins will you need or want?

In this podcast with Judith Briles on the Your Guide to BOOK PUBLISHING and I discuss the options and features that you need to know that will engage your readers and promote your site effectively.


Funsical Fun for Kids and Teachers

Funsical FitnessThe largest site I’ve worked on to date reflects the years of experience and focused energy that Scott Liebler has put into his passion of working with youth in a fun and interactive way. The purpose of Funsical is to teach children how to use their imaginations while working their bodies.

Music, stories, activities and fun exercise make up this cutting edge learning system that helps children to get prepared for school and learning. The method also facilitates creating a team environment that helps to address behavioral challenges and special needs children. Teachers LOVE Funsical!