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FREE Stuff That Makes Snappy Sites and Happy Visitors

A site that contains a lot of text, statistics and boring information won’t catch the attention of your busy visitors who are seeking value in the blink of an eye.


Just as the snap of fingers catches attention, so do sites that invite the visitor to interact, be enterained and build relationship. Your website is a tool – and an extension of you.

Whether a novice or a person who has enjoyed an online presence for years, it’s time to upgrade your approach if you haven’t already. The tools I’m going to share are just a small handful of tools that are available for free and which are easy to get started with.


Why WordPress?

Quickly passing are the days of tedious website creation and upkeep. The frustration that so many of my new clients experienced from poor web design when they came to me, or missing webmasters is now a thing of the pass with the creation of web building systems such as WordPress.

The beauty of WordPress is that not only is it easier and more effective for search engines to find you, it puts control of your website back in your own hands.