It took me awhile, but now I GET it!


Now I get it!

When the Internet ‘thang’ first started, I stumbled upon learning how to build a community online. That community “Sarah’s Tent” because the first interactive social community on the Internet for pastors wives and women in ministry.

Not knowing that I was way ahead of the game, I did what was natural to me and shared the resources and abilities I had naturally in solving the problems I was experiencing personally, and what I heard from others…..


What to Write on Your Blog

From time to time I’ll run across an article that is well written and gives good information, but when a blog is written that is presented in a workable format, I get especially happy.

Rosetta Thurman blog

Whether you are an author, a speaker, a non-profit worker or entrepreneur, you have a specific target market and specialize in what you do. Your clients, associates and visitors will want your information in a fast and easy format that is clear and concise.

Not only blogger Rosetta Thurman present excellent information in her blog about what to include in blogs, pay attention to how she presents it. Short, to the point, with examples.  Nice.


Collaborate – Pick a Brain!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work


If you aren’t sure what you need for your business, I have many resources that are at my fingertips because of the terrific memberships I have with Author U and the entrepreneurs, inventors and investors that I meet in CEO Space. These wonderful communities of people who think outside the box are not only fun and stimulating to be around, they challenge and expand me in my personal life and business – and cause both to be more successful.

Cooperation and Collaboration are the words of the day as members create teams and share information, resources and encouragement.


Skype Away Me-Hartees!

Capturing conversations as they occur …


Having the right tools to communicate with my clients is really important. I find that keeping a record of conversations, being able to see each other in conversation face-to-face without fighting rush-hour traffic, is invaluable!

You’ll find me logged in to Skype as IllustratingYou most every day. If you have a job where you are working full time during the day, but you still need to address your book business during those hours, Skype is perfect to log in quickly and speak to me so that we can tweak your website, look at book illustrations or ask questions.


FREE Themes for WordPress

When you are first starting out with WordPress its easy to get something that is beautiful as well as functional for your web site appearance.  So many talented people create themes on a daily basis and still others will try them and then report back to the developers, any bugs that useage of the theme may reveal.

The synergy of many people creating and utilizing themes through WordPress makes the possibilities endless. Whether you are writing a personal blog, selling books or opening an online store, WordPress is for you.  Even big corporate companies are implementing blogging as a viable means to communicate and build relationship with their customers – and WordPress is there to make that happen.


3 Tips to Make Your Post a Slam-Dunk

The competition for someone’s attention is fierce in our busy world today. Knowing who your readers are is the first step to narrowing down and refining your thoughts so that they speak directly to your target audience.


First … A catchy headline is super important. If you aren’t sure how to write a headline, there are many videos on YouTube that can give you ideas. (see one such video after this post)

Second … Keep in mind that people are looking for information FAST. The tendency is to write more words than what are really required. (Trust me, I know this one personally.) Bullet points are handy, but resist the temptation when making bullet points to be so brief in your descriptions that you cause confusion.


Planning Your Website

Planning your website is much like creating your business plan.

Make sure that they both match the business that you desire to have and LIVE. There’s a temptation to feel pressured into creating a website AND a business that reflects what other people think you are supposed to have, and not what resonates with you.

So much information is avaible to you at the drop of a hat, or a Google search that it’s extremely easy to become overwhelmed with information overload.  Here’s what I recommend when you find those massive treasures of information …


The Basics of WordPress

Monday evening, January 23rd, I will be presenting an intimate workshop for Author U (niversity) here in Denver, to introduce attendees to just what WordPress is and what it can do for them.

Already we are almost sold out of the seats (this is a Members Only event)! These smart authors are on top of the newest trends when it comes to utilizing the power of the Internet to build their book business.

Quickly falling to the way-side are the physical author signings that have been a both blessing and curse for the busy author.  Now authors can ‘meet’ thousands of potential readers through events called Blog Book Tours as well as build relationship through their blogging.


Why WordPress?

Quickly passing are the days of tedious website creation and upkeep. The frustration that so many of my new clients experienced from poor web design when they came to me, or missing webmasters is now a thing of the pass with the creation of web building systems such as WordPress.

The beauty of WordPress is that not only is it easier and more effective for search engines to find you, it puts control of your website back in your own hands.