Free Google Mobile Test Tool

Google’s Mobile Friendly Test

Mobile-test your website! More and more people are accessing your website over their phone, iPad, tablet or other mobile device, than a computer.

It’s vital that your website be mobile friendly! Google Developers have provided a free tool that you can use to check out your site.


Go to the link provided above and once there, enter your full website URL beginning with the http:// code. (This makes your link active.)  Give the tool a few moments to check out your site and to look for any issues that might arise.

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What is the Difference Between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

Confused about the difference between WordPress.org and WordPress.com?

Are you finally jumping into the world of WordPress and are thinking of building, or having a WordPress website created for you?

It’s easy to get confused about what to do when it comes to WordPress, because there is so much information available about which way you should go and it can all be quite overwhelming and conflicting. Before you throw up your hands in frustration, first consider what your immediate needs are for your business or website project.

WordPress Websites

4 Options to Make Your Site a Mobile Friendly Website

Google has set the standard for people to make their websites mobile friendly.  

Here’s 4 Options to Make Your Site a Mobile Friendly Website.

If your website was built in the beginning era of the Internet, you definitely need a re-design. The earlier thinking was that a nice ‘brochure’ type of site would do well for businesses because of the convenience of access and not having to print and deliver. Brochure websites were always accessible … from anywhere … at anytime.


You Have Your Website … Now What?

Careful planningPlanning ahead has definite rewards. When do you need a website? How do you get started if your book hasn’t been published yet? What plugins will you need or want?

In this podcast with Judith Briles on the Your Guide to BOOK PUBLISHING and I discuss the options and features that you need to know that will engage your readers and promote your site effectively.


What to Pay Attention To in Your Branding

To Do ListIt’s the subtle things that make up the background of your content that affect your reader and potential customers the most. If there’s a ton of text without much white space, readers move into a subconscious level of irritation or criticism which can backfire on you. Inserting a graph, an image or keeping your sentences short and breaking up your paragraphs, help to move the reader to a more relaxed state of mind to digest and comprehend your content. Bullet points are another way to get to the point quickly, and with a web-based platform, you can add more content and link it to the bullet so the reader has the option to read more, or just skim. color burstColors play another big role in whether or not trust or value is perceived in the correct way. If your site is about massage therapy and whole healing, the last thing you want to do is to create a red site. Red is an aggressive color and speaks of authority, not safety or calm as blue and green does. In a recent interview with Judith Briles for Author U (niversity) we discuss a few more areas for consideration.