The competition for someone’s attention is fierce in our busy world today. Knowing who your readers are is the first step to narrowing down and refining your thoughts so that they speak directly to your target audience.


First … A catchy headline is super important. If you aren’t sure how to write a headline, there are many videos on YouTube that can give you ideas. (see one such video after this post)

Second … Keep in mind that people are looking for information FAST. The tendency is to write more words than what are really required. (Trust me, I know this one personally.) Bullet points are handy, but resist the temptation when making bullet points to be so brief in your descriptions that you cause confusion.

Third … Clear, succinct points that are formatted with enough white space to ease the eye, graphics to enhance the message and then from time to time, include videos or audio. Variety helps to keep people on your site longer, and to interact with you more often.

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