Funsical Fun for Kids and Teachers

Funsical FitnessThe largest site I’ve worked on to date reflects the years of experience and focused energy that Scott Liebler has put into his passion of working with youth in a fun and interactive way. The purpose of Funsical is to teach children how to use their imaginations while working their bodies.

Music, stories, activities and fun exercise make up this cutting edge learning system that helps children to get prepared for school and learning. The method also facilitates creating a team environment that helps to address behavioral challenges and special needs children. Teachers LOVE Funsical!


A Legacy to Remember …

Miss America by DayOne of the most important websites I’ve had the pleasure to create for an author is the one that Marilyn VanDerbur requested me to build for her. As WordPress moved rapidly onto the scene, Marilyn made an important decision to be on the cutting edge in transitioning an old, outdated site into a new WordPress site that would allow many opportunities for growth while giving an important message in a clean, easy to read format.


WildeWisdom for Nonprofits!

Debbie Wilde

Creating The
Sustainable Nonprofit –
Debbie L. Wilde Consulting website …

At the Author U Extravaganza in 2012, I was approached by a bubbly, animated woman with a glowing smile. Her book, “Sustainable Nonprofits; 10 Strategies to Grow a Successful and Exceptional Organization” was nearing its final editing. Book Shepherd (and Founder of Author U) Judith Briles, had instructed her to build her website in advance of the publishing of her book to take advantage of pre-sales to help pay for the printing.


African Charities Aligning with American Charities – Beautiful!

Say Thanks FoundationEkow has a vision. Born in Africa, he knows of a beauty and wealth of culture that the western mind rarely considers. The wealth of family, relationships, and knowing how to survive. Ekow is an artist. He is also a visionary. Instead of taking various colors of ink and creating his lovely art, he has a vision of taking the various colors of humanity and painting a world wide vision of compassion and hope.

Just as a child will walk through a field of flowers and pluck one of each color to place in the bouquet that Mother will receive with thanks when the child comes home, so it is with the Say Thanks Foundation.


Ship Ahoy! Now What?

Anchored Life MinistriesAnchored Life is a warm community of loving people who come together to worship and share life every Sunday. Multi-tasking and leading an active congregation is nothing new for Pastor Shirley Christmon and her faithful leadership.

The challenge has been the need to create an Internet presence while juggling growth as a young congregational church family. WordPress is a perfect solution for a growing church. Themes can be changed in a few minutes and the features are so flexible that growth can be managed easily and comfortably as programs solidify and the message and personality of the church evolve.


Noticing the Thread of Passion …

Carol DevlinFirst comes the author website to advertise the book …

But, as is the case with most authors, first one book, and then another, and before you know it – a library pours out in all its wondrous glory, educating the world to the delight of avid readers. Such is the case with Carol Devlin and her passion. Carol is an extremely talented beading artist, as well as inventor. She creates beading designs to help beading artists to create lovely, useful gifting items such as coin purses. Not one to leave the job half done, Carol also invented a beading loom so that artists could speed up their beading and production time.


The Wise Women Series

The Wise Women SeriesWorking with a wise woman is not only educational – it’s stimulates and expands the mind. A.J. White is pouring out her wisdom in her new book, “The Bloomers; Wise Women Creating a New World” with three information packed guidebooks following closely behind. 

You can pre-order her books and get them hot-off-the-press now! Wise Women over fifty are invited to contribute their wisdom and connect with this growing author as her website continues to expand.


Look Out HOA Bad Guys – Ward Lucas Is On Your Tail!

Neighbors at War!Ward Lucas’s new book “Neighbors at War” has gripping and shocking tales of homeowner association fraud that mirrors vicious mafia tactics and out right fraudulent behavior.

Ward has spent 40 years in investigative journalism and has won more than 70 journalism and civic awards for his reporting and writing. He was the first reporter on the DB Cooper hijacking and the Ted Bundy murders. He has interviewed Presidents and nursing home residents, Secretaries of State to street people.

From organized crime to wiretapping, to professional arson, Lucas has seen it all. In his new book, Neighbors At War, he presents startling information about how the modern Homeowners Association Movement is impacting Americans.


Strategies for Healing, Inc.

Strategies for HealingWow! Look at them go!  When Gary and Sharon Worrell approached me about building their website for them, I was super excited about what they are doing and how many people they help. Out of their own ashes, Gary and Sharon have arisen like a shining Phoenix Bird of hope to share with other couples that are affected by addiction that new beginnings and life are indeed possible.

After taking a very challenging journey, the Worrell’s have written their story in their book, “Sexual Addiction; One Couple’s Journey to Discover Strategies of Healing”. With their second book on the horizon, they help people reframe their perceptions which keep the mind trapped in a negative state of addiction or stress.