It took me awhile, but now I GET it!


Now I get it!

When the Internet ‘thang’ first started, I stumbled upon learning how to build a community online. That community “Sarah’s Tent” because the first interactive social community on the Internet for pastors wives and women in ministry.

Not knowing that I was way ahead of the game, I did what was natural to me and shared the resources and abilities I had naturally in solving the problems I was experiencing personally, and what I heard from others…..


What to Write on Your Blog

From time to time I’ll run across an article that is well written and gives good information, but when a blog is written that is presented in a workable format, I get especially happy.

Rosetta Thurman blog

Whether you are an author, a speaker, a non-profit worker or entrepreneur, you have a specific target market and specialize in what you do. Your clients, associates and visitors will want your information in a fast and easy format that is clear and concise.

Not only blogger Rosetta Thurman present excellent information in her blog about what to include in blogs, pay attention to how she presents it. Short, to the point, with examples.  Nice.


How a Book Launch Site Works

Book Launch pages

There are four main elements to a Book Launch site.  In the next four posts, I’ll list them in order of appearance on your site.

These are your Book Launch pages:


The Landing Page
This is your main home page where your readers will land to hear about your book and bonus gifts – and to purchase.

The 6 Key Elements to your landing page are …


Ideas for FREE Gifts to Seek or Give

GiftsOnce you start thinking in terms of marketing, benefits and values, all kinds of ideas start coming to your mind regarding what kinds of free gifts that you can give for marketing efforts. 

Here are just a few ideas … feel free to share your own ideas in the comment box below. We all want to hear your idea!

  1. COUPON: Offering a huge discount on …(fill in the blank)
  2. TIME:  Consultation or counseling 
  3. DIGITAL DOWNLOAD:  A short ebook, an informative report, etc.
  4. TIPS: Valuable tips that contain links that are helpful
  5. AUDIO: Private radio interview, music track, audio book,etc.

Why Free Gifts for Your Book Launch?

GiftsFree gifts that are given during a book launch do more than just give people free stuff – they are powerful marketing tools.


Here’s how it works….

When I created the book launch site for “Show Me About Book Publishing”, we created several elements that defined the system or the strategy of a book launch site.

The element we are addressing in this post is FREE GIFTS.  Not only are they a benefit to the purchaser of a book and to the author who’s book they are purchasing, they are invaluable to the gift givers themselves! How? You ask?


How to Look More Comfortable on Camera

Speak like a pro

Here is a great resource from Kevin Clay regarding “How to Look More Comfortable on Camera”. As I create book launch websites for my clients, I am often met with a gasp or a blank stare when I mention that one of the best elements you can have to sell your book with – is a video.

Readers love hearing from the author of the book they are thinking about buying. But, since many authors lean towards the ‘introverted’ side of things, creating videos and talking to a camera is just not something that is natural to them … or why would they be writing instead of talking?


Graphic Programs – What’s That?

If you plan on doing any kind of marketing, saving, sending or editing any photos, graphics or artwork, you need a graphics program.


A powerful, open source graphic program that is comparable to Adobe Photoshop is a software named GIMP.  Download this now if you don’t have a good program to edit your image files with.  Yes, this software is FREE! (Open source means that it’s a software that is available to all to continue developing and improving it – and it’s free.


Collaborate – Pick a Brain!

Team Work Makes the Dream Work


If you aren’t sure what you need for your business, I have many resources that are at my fingertips because of the terrific memberships I have with Author U and the entrepreneurs, inventors and investors that I meet in CEO Space. These wonderful communities of people who think outside the box are not only fun and stimulating to be around, they challenge and expand me in my personal life and business – and cause both to be more successful.

Cooperation and Collaboration are the words of the day as members create teams and share information, resources and encouragement.


Skype Away Me-Hartees!

Capturing conversations as they occur …


Having the right tools to communicate with my clients is really important. I find that keeping a record of conversations, being able to see each other in conversation face-to-face without fighting rush-hour traffic, is invaluable!

You’ll find me logged in to Skype as IllustratingYou most every day. If you have a job where you are working full time during the day, but you still need to address your book business during those hours, Skype is perfect to log in quickly and speak to me so that we can tweak your website, look at book illustrations or ask questions.